1. Using the service for illegal purposes such as pornography, money laundering, terrorism, extremism, etc. is  STRICTLY PROHIBITED!

1.2. Using the service for scams is prohibited.

1.3. The user is instantly blocked if, after using the number, various SMS from third-party people / users, etc., come to the service

2. Funds deposited into the service's balance are non-refundable.

3. By topping up your balance, you automatically agree to the rules of the service.

About Us

Our Telegram bot offers professional services for renting European phone numbers for verification on various websites with different tariffs. With our bot, you can temporarily rent a number to receive SMS messages from one or multiple services. Additionally, we provide the option for long-term number rentals for 1, 3, and 7 days for unlimited SMS reception.

Our assortment includes various countries, which are constantly updated. It's important to note that all our SIM cards are real, and we do not use virtual numbers. We make efforts to maximize the lifespan of our SIM cards, but we guarantee their functionality for 30 days after activation in the bot.**

The main direction of the bot is Italy🇮🇹,
but we also provide SIM cards for Spain🇪🇸, Czech Republic🇨🇿, Ukraine🇺🇦, Germany🇩🇪 and France🇫🇷.