A Telegram bot with an automatic system for renting European phone numbers.

Turn the bot into an effective tool for your business

SMS verifications Boss

All numbers are REAL, our service does not use virtual numbers

Our numbers last for 30 days or more if necessary.

Anonymously, quickly and efficiently

All our numbers are physical and real.

All our numbers are physical and real.

All our numbers are physical and real.

All our numbers are physical and real.

All our numbers are physical and real.

How to connect a chat bot

  • Open the bot in the telegram messenger
  • Sign in
  • Use it

Click to open the chat bot


Scan the QR code

Numbers are from 7 European countries

Long-term rental for 1, 3, or 7 days with the option of unlimited SMS reception for the chosen service.

Multiple services:
Ability to receive SMS from multiple services on one number.

Receiving SMS again at any time convenient for you.

 Short-term rental grants access to a 30-minute window for receiving SMS messages and provides the option to receive additional text messages upon your request.

How to rent a number to receive a one-time SMS?

"In the main menu, click on '📱 Rent  Number.'

Then select the "📩Short-term rental" tariff.

Choose the country from which you want to purchase a number for receiving SMS.

Next, ✅select one or multiple services to activate

                                    and press ➡️CONTINUE.

The next step is confirmation:
We thoroughly review all order details. If everything is correct and satisfactory to you,
we choose the 💶Confirm option, and the bot instantly provides you with an active number for use.

How to receive sms from different services to one number?

"In the main menu, click on '📱 Rent  Number.'

We select one of the types of rental:

  • -📩Short-term (one sms)
  • -📞Long-term (unlimited)

Next, we select a country:

and one or several services✅
                       Then, we click on ➡️CONTINUE.

In the confirmation message we check all the details of the order and if everything is in order 💶 Confirm

How to rent a room for a day or more?

"In the main menu, click on '📱 Rent  Number.'

then 📞 Long-term rental

Next, we select a country

and one or several services✅.

                   Then, we click on ➡️CONTINUE.

Press one from the suggested periods.

The next step is confirmation:
We carefully review all the order details. If everything is correct and satisfactory to you,
we select the 💶Confirm option, and the bot will instantly provide you with an active number for use.


Registration: 21.10.2020
Feedback from: 10.07.2024

One of the best services on the market! As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. If only they added US numbers, it would be perfect...

Registration: 20.12.2022
Feedback from: 27.04.2023

Great service, I use it regularly, everything is resolved promptly and quickly, haven't found a better service yet!

Registration: 15.01.2015
Feedback from: 10.02.2016

We worked with TC, everything is fine. Paid in advance, even helped me not only with SMS.
Excellent command of the Italian language. I recommend.
Good luck in business! :D

pit bull
Registration: 06.02.2023
Feedback from: 15.02.2023

I know the guys for a long time, they always help out. Thank you very much friends!

JUNIOR dos Santos
Registration: 10.01.2014
Feedback from: 04.07.2018

Worked with a man! Fast, efficient, pleasant in communication and with a huge mountain of sim of Italy. ;) I recommend !)

Registration: 07.07.2016
Feedback from: 17.12.2021

I use services. A big plus is frequent online and fast response.
Business approach to business.
I definitely recommend.

Registration: 03.08.2010
Feedback from: 31.10.2015

I used the services several times, everything is prompt and at the level, almost always online.
Only positive results and impressions.

Registration: 09.08.2021
Feedback from: 22.12.2022

Excellent service, everything is very fast and high quality, I advise

Registration: 22.05.2014
Feedback from: 15.08.2015

I use the service, only positive emotions
Everything is fast, high quality and inexpensive)

Registration: 20.10.2013
Feedback from: 22.01.2016

I dealt with the author. Satisfied with the service. I plan to continue working with him.

Registration: 21.02.2021
Feedback from: 03.04.2023

great service !
The author is online and always ready to help. added what I needed. now if for sms then only here.
good luck in business, peace to all!

Registration: 04.08.2014
Feedback from: 17.04.2019

I have been working with TC for a long time by SMS, always without problems. I recommend

Feedback from: 21.09.2023
Знаю лично давно ,приятный и очень ответственный парень ,работает в долгую и быстро отвечает на смс ))
Feedback from: 21.09.2023

Great service, excellent support! I've been using the service practically since its inception, and it keeps growing and improving. At the moment, there are several tariffs, several countries available, and it all works perfectly! I confidently recommend using it!!!

Feedback from: 11.10.2023
Сто процентов рекомендую, ребята честно и качественно работают, в случае возникновении вопросов помогают во всем разобраться, номера можно использовать для разных целей, в случае чего можно просто взять и добавить свой сервис в перечень предлагаемых если вашего нет в списке. Цены приятные, а качество работы радует. Однозначно 5 из 5.
Вася мен
очень срочно надо было принять смс, не хотел нигде регистрировался, нашел этого бота в белеграме, запустил пополнил и получил смс. все очень быстро) рекомендую
Feedback from: 29.11.2023
Долго работаем с ними, всё быстро и чётко. Рекомендую.
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Frequently asked questions

What is SMS reception suitable for?

For promoting a website using SEO programs, boosting advertising accounts, protecting against potentially fraudulent websites that request a phone number to download files or watch movies. This can also serve as protection against spam. To avoid the need to seek ways to get rid of SMS spam in the future, use a temporary, anonymous number.

How to top up your balance using CRYPTOMUS?

Click on the ⚙️PERSONAL CABINET in the menu.
Next, press the CRYPTOMUS button and select the desired cryptocurrency: BTC, USDT, ETH, BNB, LTC, TON.
Enter the amount you want to deposit, then double-check everything is correct, and press
Now the bot will provide you with a payment button. Click on GO TO PAYMENT, and in the new browser window, make the payment with your chosen cryptocurrency.

🎁Bonus Account

The bonus account is automatically replenished based on your activity in the bot.
You can use these bonuses to activate a number rental again.

How to rent a number to receive SMS?

We have two types of number rentals available:

  • - 📩 SHORT-TERM RENTAL for 30 minutes: You pay for each received SMS.
  • - 📞 LONG-TERM RENTAL:You pay for your selected tariff once and receive unlimited SMS from the chosen service.

After choosing the type of rental, the bot will provide you with a list of available services for activation.

How to rent the number again?

In the personal account, we go to the '📁RENTAL HISTORY' section.

Here the bot provides a full list of numbers and services that have been rented.

When choosing each number or service, the bot offers the option to select an appropriate tariff, either a Short-term one for 30 minutes or a Long-term one.

We have two rental options:
📩 One-time, where you pay for each SMS
📞 Long-term rental for 1, 3, or 7 days with an unlimited number of SMS.

How to view active rental rooms?

In the ⚙️personal account, click on "📶ACTIVE NUMBERS."

The bot will provide you with information about the number > the associated service > and the rental expiration time.

Why is the SMS not coming?

Sometimes, SMS messages may not be received. In some cases, it could be our issue, but most of the time, it occurs due to high server load on the sender's side. This is often the case with services like PayPal and WhatsApp, although other services are not exempt from such situations.

How to receive an SMS for a service that is not on the list?

In the bot's main menu, find and select the "✍🏻SUGGEST SERVICE" button, then follow the instructions provided by the bot.

🔁How to transfer the number to another user?

The process of transferring a number through our bot is simple:

1. Go to the personal cabinet in the bot.

2. Choose "🔁Number Transfer".

3. Select the necessary numbers from the list.

4. Press "➡️NEXT" and specify the username or ID of the Telegram user to whom you want to transfer the numbers.

5. After creating a request to transfer the number, the user will receive a notification about the request to transfer the number for future rental.

My number is in the lease what to do?

Some waiting is required...

If the number is under a long-term lease, activation is only possible for short-term rental to receive a single SMS (in this case, each SMS is subject to a charge).

Our services provide numbers to all interested parties, but strict limitations apply:
1 service = 1 user.
The same number will not be provided to two or more users for the same servic

If my account has been blocked.

We are not responsible for the accounts you create; all actions, including possible blocks, are solely at the discretion and risk of the end user who has purchased the activation.


We have an automated refund system: if no SMS is received during the rental period, the system automatically refunds the cost of the service to the client's balance upon completion of the rental.

Can I buy SIM cards with delivery?

So we can sell sim cards.
Minimum order 10pcs

Contact support for details.

Support hours?

Support operates from 10:00 to 18:00 European Time, Monday through Friday.
At other times, we respond as much as possible.